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Réservée aux membres pour échanger des sessions de langue grâce à une communauté internationale d'apprentissage.

Donne des sessions pour recevoir des sessions et engage-toi dans un apprentissage authentique de langues conversationelles sans frais.

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Pourquoi rejoindre Kuno?

Kuno vous met en contact avec d'excellents pairs natifs pour des échanges linguistique de haute qualité.


Des débutants aux apprenants avancés, notre approche communautaire responsabilise les apprenants de tous niveaux.


De vraies pairs,  de vraies conversations

Rejoins notre communauté et rencontre des pairs du monde entier qui veulent pratiquer, progresser et partager leurs compétences linguistiques. Parce que nous sommes convaincus que la meilleure façon de gagner en confiance est de parler avec des locaux. Grâce à notre approche sociale, solidaire et amusante, tu peux participer à des sessions de conversation illimitées avec d'autres natifs. Ça t'aidera à prendre confiance, à améliorer ton niveau et bénéficier de soutien dans l'apprentissage des langues. Prépare-toi à devenir un pro tout en t'amusant!

Avec Kuno, tu peux :

  1. 🙋‍♀️ Trouve facilement des pairs natifs de qualité et discute avec eux.

  2. 📆 Commence des conversations dès maintenant.

  3. 🚀 Gagne en confiance et améliorer ta maîtrise de la langue.

  1. Tu seras mis en relation avec 3 pairs pour apprendre une langue de ton choix et 3 autres camarades pour coacher ta langue maternelle. Après tout, le principe de cette plateforme, c'est le partage !

 Offre une session
pour recevoir une session!


Créé ton profil pour accéder à la communauté

Nous recherchons des apprenants de langues fiables, aimables et motivés de tous niveaux qui aiment apprendre de nouvelles choses.


Réserve des sessions de conversation
& gagne en confiance

Aucun frais pour les leçons.
Juste un abonnement mensuel, semestriel ou annuel. Les nouveaux membres peuvent réserver jusqu'à 4 sessions de 15 minutes avant d'en donner une.


Partage tes disponibilités
& gagne des Tokens

Gagne des Tokens à chaque fois que tu donnes une conversation.
Tu sélectionneras les pairs que tu coacheras et Kuno s'occupera du reste.


Échange des sessions et apprend pour une fraction du coût.

Sessions illimitées
avec Kuno :


10 cours privés
avec un tuteur:

150€ +

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“Kuno a été une véritable bouée de sauvetage pour moi quand j'ai été envoyée à l'étranger pour mes études. Grâce aux sessions de langue avec des partenaires natifs géniaux, j'ai pu m'adapter à mon nouvel environnement beaucoup plus facilement que je ne l'aurais imaginé."

Alexa Young, CA

Avec Kuno, tu vas:

  • What is peer learning?
    Peer learning, firmly rooted in andragogical practice, is an educational approach in which individuals engage in collaborative learning experiences with their peers rather than relying solely on traditional teacher-led instruction . At Kuno, we embrace this method, facilitating knowledge sharing, skill development and cultural exchange among our members. It fosters an interactive and collaborative learning environment, allowing individuals to effectively learn from each other's experiences and expertise.
  • How is peer learning different from tutoring ?
    Peer learning differs from traditional tutoring by emphasizing mutual learning and collaboration among peers. Unlike tutoring, which typically involves monetary transactions and follows a structured hierarchy, peer learning is more cost-effective and focuses on learning alongside peers with similar levels of knowledge. This approach fosters a dynamic exchange where each participant contributes to the learning process by sharing their expertise and investing time. It promotes a collaborative environment that encourages informal interactions and flexible exploration of various topics, enriching the learning experience through active engagement and the sharing of diverse perspectives.
  • How do I know if peer learning is right for me?
    Are you someone who enjoys sharing ideas with others and deepening discussions? Do you want diverse perspectives and new ideas? Are you excited to be part of a collaborative learning community where knowledge is shared freely? If you answered yes to any of these questions, peer-to-peer learning might just be your cup of tea. This approach is not just about absorbing information, it is also about actively engaging with other learners, exchanging ideas and co-creating knowledge together. So if you enjoy interaction, value diversity of viewpoints and enjoy the journey of discovery, then peer learning is the ideal solution for you.
  • How does the platform connect users for peer-to-peer exchanges?
    The platform connects users for peer-to-peer exchanges based on the languages ​​they wish to learn. Each user is matched with three people who can teach them their desired language, while also being matched with three peers they can learn from. This ensures optimal pairing, facilitating weekly sessions with dedicated peers who share a commitment to meaningful language learning. The platform prioritises quality matches to cultivate enriching and effective learning interactions.
  • Can I reschedule or cancel a session once it is booked?
    Yes absolutely! You can reschedule or cancel a session once it is booked. However, we ask that any changes be made at least 2 hours before the scheduled session. This ensures respectful learning interactions and avoids any inconvenience for the other participant. Please note that there may be a nominal deduction for cancellations made after the deadline.
  • How to find a coach or learner?
    We are here to help you connect with your peers and start engaging in valuable learning interactions.
  • Is there a feedback or rating system for peer-to-peer exchanges?
    Users can currently request and share feedback with each other on Kuno. We are working to implement a formal feedback and rating system based on user requests and needs.
  • What languages ​​does Kuno support?
    Currently, Kuno supports French, English, Spanish, Italian, German, Mandarin, and Cantonese languages. Users in these languages ​​have access to prompts and materials tailored to their language needs. Looking ahead, Kuno aims to expand its language support to include Japanese, Korean, Arabic, and Portuguese over the next year. This expansion will enable users proficient in these languages ​​to interact effectively with the platform and access relevant content and resources in their native language.
  • What does session exchange actually mean?
    Session swapping involves being paired with three peers to give sessions to, while separately receiving sessions from different peers. This setup ensures a diverse learning experience where individuals contribute their expertise to their assigned peers while also benefiting from the knowledge shared by others in return.
  • How much are the memberships?
    Starter Package: - Price: €14.99/month - Explore all features - 14-day free trial Premium Plan: - Price: €37.50 every 3 months (15% discount) - Equivalent to: €12.50/month - 14-day free trial Elite Package: - Price: €59.99 every 6 months (30% discount) - Equivalent to: €9.99/month - 14-day free trial
  • Is there a free trial available ?
    Yes indeed! We offer a free trial where you receive 4 tokens, equivalent to 1 hour of session time, to use within 14 days. You can explore the platform, participate in learning sessions, and decide if Kuno is right for you before making a payment.
  • How do I upgrade or downgrade my membership level on Kuno?
    You can easily upgrade or downgrade your membership level on Kuno by going to your account settings. Simply go to “My Account” and select the option to change your subscription. From there, you can choose the membership level that best fits your training needs.
  • How can I cancel my Kuno subscription and what is the cancellation procedure?
    Go to your account settings, go to the subscription section and select the option to cancel your subscription. You may be asked to provide a reason for cancellation, and once confirmed, your subscription will be canceled and you will not be charged in the future.
  • Are there any additional fees or hidden fees associated with Kuno?
    No, there are no additional fees or hidden charges associated with Kuno. The goal of our membership is to provide you with access to all features and services without surprise fees.
  • What are tokens and how do they work?
    Tokens are essentially the currency of our platform, where 1 token equals 1 quarter of an hour. They serve as learning credits that users can use when booking sessions with different people on the platform. If you encounter any issues or have any questions regarding the tokens, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you and ensure your learning experience is smooth and enjoyable.
  • How do Kuno tokens work for non-reciprocal exchanges?
    Kuno tokens function as credits that users can use to book learning sessions without needing to provide a session in return. Users can use their tokens to book sessions with coaches based on their learning needs and interests. Each token represents a quarter of an hour, providing flexible and convenient access to learning opportunities on the platform. Additionally, users can earn tokens by teaching other learners, ensuring a balanced learning ecosystem.
  • Do Kuno tokens expire?
    Kuno tokens do not expire as long as you maintain an active subscription. You receive 4 tokens during your first month and they accumulate over time. As you conduct sessions, your token balance increases, earning you more tokens for each session completed. These tokens remain available until you delete your account, allowing you to book sessions whenever you are ready to learn.
  • What happens to my Kuno tokens when my coach/learner cancels or doesn't show up?
    If your learner does not show up for a scheduled session, the tokens allocated for that session will be transferred from their account to yours. Coaches who do not show up initially receive a warning. If the problem persists, they face sanctions. This ensures that the commitment made for the session is respected, regardless of participation.
  • What are considered violations?
    Violations include discrimination, hate speech, threats of violence, dating, invasion of privacy, harassment, offensive language, sharing of personal information without consent, defamation, advertising , spamming, promoting self-harm, sharing obscene content, misrepresentation, piracy, intellectual property. infringement, impersonation, inappropriate discussions, failure to provide feedback, and failure to promptly cancel sessions. For more details, visit our Community Policies page.
  • How can I contact Kuno Support for help?
    If you need help, there are several ways to contact Kuno Support: 1. Email: You can contact us by email for any inquiries or support needs. 2. In-app tech support: Use the in-app tech support feature to seek help with technical issues. 3. Discord: Chat directly with our developers and support team through our Discord channel for real-time support and troubleshooting. 4. Instagram: Connect with us on Instagram! Follow us on @kuno_lingual_app for updates and additional support. Additionally, if you encounter any issues with another user, you can report it immediately by visiting their profile. Our team will take appropriate action, including banning and blocking the user, if necessary, to ensure a safe and positive learning environment for everyone.
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