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Discover How Time-Tokens Works

Dive into time-sharing on Kuno with Time-Tokens. Enhance language skills, share, and learn - no wallet needed!


Discover Time-Tokens:
Today, we're diving into the exciting world of Time-Tokens (TT), a unique currency that's all about sharing time, connections and knowledge. Here's a friendly guide to help you understand how it works:

Time-Tokens (TT): A Language Speaker's Dream Currency
Imagine Time-Tokens as your passport to unforgettable language adventures. Each TT represents a delightful 15-minute language exchange. With TT, you're not just learning; you're creating connections.

The Power of Time Sharing 🔄
At Kuno, we're all about community and collaboration. When you give your time as a language mentor, you earn TT as a token of appreciation. Here's the beauty of it: spend 45 minutes helping a fellow learner, and you'll receive three TTs in return. It's a wonderful cycle of learning and teaching.

Let's Begin Your Journey!
To get your language-learning voyage off to an amazing start, we gift you four TTs during your first month. No waiting, no strings attached—your adventure kicks off right away!

No Need to Open Your Wallet 🏦 (For Now)
Forget about spending money on TTs; they're freely available. Dive into the world of Time-Tokens without worrying about finances. It's all about the joy of learning together.

Time-Tokens: Uniting Learners Worldwide!
With Time-Tokens, you're not just learning a language; you're forging global connections. It's not about currency; it's about sharing time and knowledge. Embrace the world of genuine language interaction and become a language aficionado!

Stay tuned for more Time-Token adventures on Kuno. Join us in this exciting journey of sharing, learning, and growing together. 🌍🤝

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