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Improve your language skills through conversation sessions with native peers and gain confidence!

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Join our community now
and become a beta tester. Invitation only!

We are excited to launch this social, collaborative, interactive, peer-to-peer learning community! We will send a beta tester invitation to the first users who completed the form below ⬇️!

Only 100 seats available
for 2 months free! 

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Native language
Desired learning language

Thanks for submitting!

The peer-to-peer language learning app

 Join our community and gain immediate access to a diverse group of global language learners who want to practice, improve, and share their language skills. We believe the best way to learn is by talking with native speakers. With our social, community-driven approach, you have unlimited access to conversation sessions connecting you with native speakers, building your confidence, and supporting everyone's language learning journeys. Get ready to become fluent and have fun along the way! With Kuno, you can:​​

  1. 🙋‍♀️ Easily match and talk with local native peers 

  2.  📆 Start conversations right away

  3.  🚀 Gain confidence in speaking while increasing language mastery


1. Connect with 3 peers to practice a language of your choice as well as 3 additional peers who want to learn your native language.

How it works! 


Subscribe to the beta 🙋‍♀️

Be one of the first to try Kuno and receive 4 "time-tokens" the first month as well as two months of free membership

1 time-token = 15 minutes of conversation.


Receive sessions 🚀

Use your time-tokens to receive sessions in the language of your choice. Starts with a 15 minute conversation or combines multiple tokens to create a session of any length you want


Give sessions 💬

Give sessions to other peers in your native language to earn more time-tokens

With Kuno, you can:

"Kuno was a life saver when I was studying abroad. Thanks to the sessions with my native language partners, I felt more comfortable and confident while navigating my move to a new country"

Alexa Young, CA

Membership Fees




Every month*




Every 6 months*





Every year*


*Available from November. Sign up now for our beta versoin to get 2 months free!

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